Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If the Shoe Fits

                                            Not me.  I can't wear pointy-toed fancy schmancy shoes like this.

Shoes in Egypt are cheap.

This is the good kind of cheap, as in "getting a bargain".

This is also the bad kind of cheap, as in "not the highest quality".

However, I've come to enjoy wearing out my shoes and not worrying about keeping them pristine for years.  Things wear out quicker in Egypt.  Nothing wears out quite so quickly as shoes.  It's the extreme dirty streets you must walk.  It's the uneven sidewalks and streets.  Your shoes take a beating.

Actually, the converse (beating with a shoe) is one of the most common ways an Egyptian parent threatens their children.  They take off their shoe and wave it in the air and tell their naughty offspring that they are, "just like shoes".  To beat someone with a shoe is an extreme insult here.

Remember The Iraqi Shoe Thrower?

Remember the Egyptians who waved their shoes in Tahrir after Hosni Mubarak's first "I will survive" speech?

I'll be back in the States looking at shoes and trying to decide if I should spend so much money on one pair which lasts and lasts or if I should continue buying cheap shoes here. 

Here's a helpful shoe size conversion chart if you are thinking of buying shoes in Egypt.

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