Saturday, October 6, 2012

Before and After Hijab

Asalamu Alaykom,

The following images simply illustrate the difference a scarf makes.  This does not mean that each and every woman shown wears hijab today in her daily life.

I did weigh the pros and cons of keeping these women's modesty intact today from what they did in the past.  The truth is that, since they are famous, their image before hijab is well known and I am only providing a supportive place to acknowledge the transformation a hijab makes.

There is no arguing that the scarf changes a woman's appearance.  For better?  For worse?  For whom?  I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Abla Kamel
Egyptian Actress

American Doll

Hala Fakher
Egyptian Actress and TV Host


"The hijab is the light that guides me in this life"

Hala Fakher

Hala Shiha
Egyptian Actress

Hanan Turk 
Egyptian Actress

Lauren Booth
British Activist and Sister-in-Law to Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

"Surprisingly (for me) I also began to deal with a lot of women of all ages, 
in all manner of head coverings, who held positions of power."

Lauren Booth

Melanie Georgiades Diam's 
French Rapper

 "I see it as a divine order or a divine advice, 
this brings joy to my heart and for me this is enough."


Mona Abd El Ghani
Egyptian Singer

Myriam Francois-Cerrah
Franco-British Child Actor Turned Journalist

"The hijab for me is the cherry on the cake.  
You totally have a cake if you don't have a cherry, 
but you don't have a cake if you just have a cherry."  

Myriam Francois-Cerrah

Dr. Susan Carland
Australian Commentator

"When you reduce a woman 
to a piece of material that is, 
or isn't, 
on her head, 
it's so belittling of the woman
---and our religious tradition."

Susan Carland

Queenie Padilla
Fillipino Actress

"I asked her if she was afraid of wearing the hijab in this society.  
She said she wasn't because she has piety, and that's all that matters."

Queenie Padilla

Sara Chaudry
Pakistani Model

"It was through my experiences and study of Islam 
that I learned that the hijab is a sign of modesty, a sign of respect.  
I learned that we shouldn't judge people just because they cover their faces.  
I realized how wrong it is to assume things about people before we meet them, 
and we shouldn't judge the virtues of Islam through a cultural lens."

Sara Chaudry

Sataesh Khan
Pakistani Actress

Egyptian Screen Legend

Shams El Baroudi
Egyptian Actress

Sohair Ramzy

Egyptian Actress

Tahra Hmimich 
Moroccan Singer

Urooj Nasr
Pakistani Presenter and Entrepreneur

Yvonne Ridley now Mariam Ridley
British Journalist

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