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Craving Natural Foods

Asalamu Alaykom,

Take a look at this chart:
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Being low in certain vitamins or nutrients can really do a doozy on your system.  Your body knows that it needs something and tries to let you know with cravings.

Ever craved a banana?  I have.  It's me missing potassium.

Ever had those strange sudden twinges in your leg?  It's probably you needing magnesium.

When I was a new mom to my first-born son a.k.a. "Big Boy" on this blog, I went to a new clinic for diagnosis of those pains.  They were freaking me out!  I would get them while I was out walking at the mall and I would feel so out of it to the point of needing to eat NOW.  I began to wonder what was the cause.  Also, my hands were so itchy all the time.  What was wrong with me?

So, the doctor had seen my then-husband a couple of weeks earlier and had run all these tests.  He had treated that dude with the utmost of care.  I was readying myself for a similar day at the clinic.  He walked in and I explained my symptoms of spacing out, itchy hands and the big concern of my legs.

"My legs get this kind of strange sensation of like a large spider crawling under the skin.  It's sudden and painful."

The doctor's response:  Had I ever thought of psychological help?

No kidding!

I was dumb-founded.  He didn't have any follow-up questions or tests.  Just the idea that my description made me a nut-case.

When I went to my gynecologist for a check-up, I told her what I had been experiencing.  She had me describe the episodes more.  She felt pretty sure it was a magnesium deficiency.

I had given up eating beans while I was breastfeeding my newborn (since their tummies can't handle the gassy foods in the beginning of nursing) and I was now lacking in those nutrients I normally got.  She recommended eating a couple of dried apricots every day along with the occasional banana.  It worked!  Pumpkin seeds actually contain a lot of magnesium and don't cause problems in baby's digestion so that's my recommendation.

The spacey feeling was due to low-blood sugar since I was burning a lot more calories by creating that milk Nursing moms burn more calories than pregnant moms actually (and at the same time there's some pressure to take off the weight gained over nine months).  My doctor advised me to eat six small meals throughout the day.

The itchy hands were due to constantly cleaning the house and the clothes and the kid.  I saw a dermatologist for that.  He told me to stop using anti-bacterial soap and start using gloves.

I was blessed to have a doctor who thought of nutritional needs.  Most doctors in Egypt would not even think of discussing food with a patient.  Many doctors all over the world prefer to write a prescription---or decide that the silly woman was imagining the sensations.

That pompous doctor who didn't listen, understand or think before he spoke got a complaint in his file courtesy of me.  No, I don't slink off silently when a "professional" does me wrong.  Life is a learning experience and he needed to learn about how other doctors care for their patients by thinking of nutritional needs and lifestyle changes.

Take another look at the chart and see what you're craving and might be needing.  Remember that natural foods are God-given blessings to us.  Getting closer to natural foods, with their healing and restorative powers, means that we are making a conscious choice to getting closer to God, The  Source of All Goodness.

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