Saturday, October 20, 2012

Egyptian Arablish Alive and Well

Asalamu Alaykom,

It's now been over a hundred days under Persidrent Morsy's leadership.




Yes!  There ya go!

Obviously, President Morsy has not yet declared a war on Arablish.  It is alive and well and attacking Egyptian.

Do you know Babayz?

Yes, you do.  I think you do.

Babayz?  He's a sailor man.

He fights to the finish 'cause he eats his spinach.

Yes!  Babayz!

Oh, you might know Babayz by his American English name of Popeye.

Babayz is his name in Arablish.

Arablish, as you recall, is English gone Middle-eastern.  It's a language which can't "p".  Loving Arablish is not hating on North Africa and the Arabian Penninsula.  It's a way of enjoying cultural differences and playing with language.

I've been walking over to a nearby school for a few interviews and seeing that name "Babayz" on a restaurant.  It was in English letters, which always catches my eye, but it didn't make sense.  Time and again I'd see it and try to work it out in my head.  It wasn't until I spoke it aloud that I got it.  Arablish is very phonetic.  You can't really do it justice locked up in your brain cells; you have to roll it around on your tongue.

Remember Ponsh Pop?

Here's another one:


I's too easy!

Senderella actually makes more sense than "'Placing the letter 'C' infront of letter 'I' creates the soft 'S' sound". Cinderella, why not consider a name change?

For me, it's eye-opening to see this blog  which is spotlighting  incorrect Arabic usage.  I clicked translate (which is one of the most amazing option Google Chrome has) to read this, "We stopped for the education of our children and left the task to the Chinese".  It's sad but true!  A lot of the poor spellings and goof-ups we can blame on the Chinese.

I think we can maybe blame the Chinese for this packaging of letter magnets; apihabet letters.

I know we can blame them for my nightlight information:

If you look really carefully, you'll see that Mr. Boo absconded with the carton and turned it into a pencil box.  God bless him.  He gets that re-use sensibility from me.

Here's my dim night lighting, by the way.  Make sure you look at its crustal beauty:

Lastly, here's a can of dolphin:

DOLPHIN???  What did my husband pick up at the store?  I have heard of dolphin-free tuna but never tuna-free dolphin.

With much trepidation, I turned the can around:

Whew!  I guess it's just like "Chicken of the Sea" which hasn't gotten any chicken.  Can you imagine them trying to market "Dolphin" tuna in the U.S.?


No, you can't.

Some things are truly only possible in Egypt.


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