Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Brilliant Big Boy

Asalamu Alaykom,

The end August, 1997 is memorable for two things:  the birth of my daughter and the death of Princess Diana.  We had CNN on for hours of TV coverage.  Now, I realize that we should shield children more from such intense sadness but I was post-partum and in shock so forgive me for that.

At the time, my first born son was only just three-years-old.  This is not Mr. Boo; it's his big bro who started life in The Big 10 last week alhumdulillah.  My big boy saw a lot of changes and emotions happen at that time.  Being such a sensitive soul, it affected him.  Because mashallah he's such a verbal guy (and yes I'm taking full credit for that) he used his words in a kind of spoken poetry.

He dictated a poem for Princess Diana that I want to share with you.  First, I'd better preface that poem with some of his other examples.  Speaking poetically was not something new for him.

Look what else he said that same year:

No matter how big I grow
No matter how far you go
I'll always be with you
I'll always be your baby.

I'll bumble
and tumble
across the floor and out the door

Oh, what a pleasant band it was
It was like all the fairies singing in gloom
I wish I was a fairy.

Keep us safe
Keep us warm
Keep us safe from the storm
Good night
Sleep tight
I'll keep you safe from any bad dreams.

I'm so hungry
I could crash through the ceiling
and fly through the sky
gobbling up it.

All those examples were from age three.  For those of you with three-year-olds, you know that normally kids don't express themselves that well.  My big boy was special mashahallah.  I knew that.  I would not prompt him or help him----I just let his thoughts flow.  Sometimes the words or verb tenses weren't correct but I wrote them down the exact way he'd dictated them.  I would quickly write down his fun phrasing before I forgot it.

I still regret not immediately writing down something he said when I picked him up one day from preschool (about his thoughts flying out of his head and into the country but some other man is thinking them now).

Then I would collect them togther on the computer.  Alhumdulillah, I printed them out and still have them.

With all that in mind, please read what my brilliant big boy, at age three, dictated to me as the world mourned the loss of Princess Diana:

When a star goes over it
someone's dying

When the tears come down your eyes
it's time to go

Because the funeral bells are ringing

When you dry your eyes
it is sad, but God is there

One day there was a beautiful princess

One day she was blind
and her golden silk hair had to be cut

She never came to that place again.

After the church bells have ring
You look down at the sadness
and start crying
But God is there

It is very sad but God is there.


egyptchick7 said...

First of all, congrats on your son being accepted in one of the big 10 schools- I had to google it and they are all great and renowned schools- even Penn State amid it's scandal...

2nd- Mashallah and such a creative soul. You are really a great mom...I am sure you will be passing this literary greatness on to Mr. Boo- inshallah...

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom EgyptChick,

:) Big smile to you! Thanks for the congrats and the caring. You write to me some of the nicest comments and I always appreciate them---even if I'm deliquent in responding.

Alhumdulillah my son (big boy) is moving on to bigger and better things. The BIG 10 schools can be BIG MONEY so alhumdulillah his grandparents started a college fund when he was born.

Thanks for saying nice things about my mothering. I'm not always a good mom but I want to be. My intention is there.

Mr. Boo is a cool kid as well. He just got back from the masjid with my hub. Alhumdulillah. I teared up at the window (yes, I stand there at the window and walk them fade away in the distance). Alhumdulillah.

Mr. Boo's "greatness" at the moment is loving the Ladybird (easy-read series out of the UK) edition of "Wizard of Oz" and "Heidi".

Love to you and yours <3

Yosra said...

---oh, ya...that should have been "watch them" excuse the typo. Mr. Boo was trying to show me his expert coloring as I was typing that.