Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tent of Nations

Asalamu Alaykom,

I was looking for something on Arablish but found this blog instead.  From that young Midwestern missionary's blog, I was lead to the site for Tent of Friends.  From there, I went to this site to view the video I've posted here.

You'll see Palestine through Christian eyes.  That's something we don't often see because we love to polarize the news.  It's Jews versus Muslims in The Holy Land, right?

No, it's not.

There are Christian like Doud Nasser who are also struggling to make sense of the situation.  "Doud" is the Arabic version of "David".  What he says and does isn't something he takes credit for.  He gives up any goodness to God.

By the way, the name of God, in his Arabic Bible, is Allah.

The motto of Tent of Friends is, "We refuse to be enemies."

This video has absolutely nothing objectionable about it.  There is nothing you would balk at.  Everything in it is straight-forward and completely inspiring.

I love what Doud says about the options people have when facing adversity.  They can return the hate, turn into helpless victims, or change the situation through Jesus' teachings.

Makes me want to go there now.


I almost cried when I heard the story of his olive trees.  Truly got that lump in my throat.  All of us are capable of being both the cruel and the kind.  Stories like that spur me on to be better.

Please take a moment to watch what's happening a world away.  It isn't a political video; it's spiritual.  It is beneficial---not just to Tent of Nations but to you as a person and a child of God.

Love and Light to All!


Kate said...

Assalaamu alaikum...

I often wish we could see more of the unity and shared experiences between the Christians and Muslims of Palestine... they are all struggling under a weighty oppression and we need to see more of this I think.

Unfortunately I can't load your video here in Algeria... but I'm sure it's a story similar to many I've heard before, of Christians striving to survive, and also bearing the brunt of aggression, food and water shortages, electricity cuts and lack of fuel...
There is alot of common ground between the Christians and Muslims of Palestine.. I pray they have the peace they deserve one day, ameen.


iremi nisces said...

Asalamu alaikum,

Thank you for sharing a wonderful post. I have a special message for you posted today, hope you like.

Take Care.

Yosra said...

Wa Alaykom Asalam Kate,

Nice to hear from you! Isn't it the pits when we can't view video?! I have yet to see hulu.

Ok, well, I teased in the post about what happened with the olive trees. I'll tell you here what the story was. The Israeli gov't sent in bullies who uprooted 250 ancient trees from his orchard. These obviously were on his family's land for many years and it didn't matter. The news got around that this injustice had been done. An American group of Jews organized a raparation of sorts. They personally came over and re-planted 250 olive trees. Subhanallah. Truly it is NOT person to person that this group must hate that group. Individually, there are Jews who will not ahere to political policies of hate and injustice. May Allah reward them. Inshahallah we will meet in Jennah.

What I really wanted you to get from the video wasn't just the injustice, however. I wanted you to FEEL Daoud's peace. He's got the peace of A Mighty God. Alhumdulillah. He's got a glow. Mashahallah. We can have that too in adversity inshahallah. Seeing him gives us hope.

Love and Light to you and yours!

Wa Alaykom Asalam Iremi,

I better go look at what you've posted! Thanks for coming by and being nice.

Love and light to you too!

Anonymous said...

very good!